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David M. Rizk, DDS


Though our office is warm and welcoming, we’re serious when it comes to technology. Dr. Rizk is committed to bringing you the best dental care available through a combination of expert training, compassionate treatment, and high-tech equipment. In our practice, digital x-rays and lasers are everyday tools of the trade. We use air abrasion instead of a traditional drill to remove tooth decay and leave more of the healthy tooth intact. We also feature the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner and an iCAT CT scanner to provide a real-time, 3D picture of your mouth, allowing Dr. Rizk to develop an efficient, accurate treatment plan.

We also use the latest TMJ and bite therapy technology, called a T-Scan Digital Occlusal Analysis System, to measure not only the location points where your bite isn’t lining up, but also the force of the bite at those contact points and the timing of the impact. These are quantifiable data points that can help us analyze your bite issues in ways that biting on old-school articulating paper never could.

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