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David M. Rizk, DDS

Root Canal Therapy

Two words most dental patients don’t want to hear: Root canal. We understand — you want the toothache pain to go away, but you’re nervous and scared. Now that you’re comfortable in the hands of our compassionate and highly trained team, we want to keep you here. That’s why Dr. Rizk performs root canals in-house. Whether you need work on your molars all the way in the back, your premolars on the side, or your front teeth, we’re here to help. If your tooth is infected due to a crack, deep decay, or injury, Dr. Rizk will remove the infected pulp, clean, seal, and fill the tooth. If a cap or other restoration is needed, the dentist will handle that too — all under one roof. And while the procedure may sound scary, when the infection stops, so will your pain!

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