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David M. Rizk, DDS

Partials & Dentures

Did you give up on your smile when you lost your teeth? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Rizk enjoys returning smiles to their rightful owners. Our office provides partials and dentures for patients who need the most extensive restorative dental care. Partials are a good fit if you still have some existing teeth. Partials will not only dramatically improve your look, they’ll also prevent structural damage by making sure your natural teeth stay securely in place. Dentures will be used to replace all your teeth, and though this procedure requires a number of appointments to ensure proper fit and placement, once the process is complete, you’ll have a sparkling smile. Your new, natural-looking dentures will have you whistling a happy tune — not to mention eating your favorite foods — without worrying about embarrassing slippage.

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